Some may see Faisal’s journey as as a high price to become the stuff of fantasy; others, however, can call it the stuff of envy. Either way, a fourteen-year-old boy from Lahore juggling high school and the shooting of his debut vehicle ‘Nahin abhi nahin’, based on the American blockbuster ‘Summer of 42′, to eventually become a contender for the Chocolate hero category, makes not only a fine read but also harbours tremendous potential to be a movie unto itself that can inspire many a budding actor.

Following the success of Nahin abhi nahin’, Faisal decided to continue with his studies and after completing his matriculation from St Anthony’s high school Lahore, he proceeded to the famous Forman Christian College and procured a bachelors degree in English literature from University of the Punjab. Ironic as it may sound, the business of dreams has a staggering price tag — Faisal not only paid with his childhood but found it increasingly stressful to build a film career alongside an academic life. The struggle led him to contemplate abandoning the movies and take the competition exam of the civil services of Pakistan. As a kid, Faisal had a dream of his own that was a world apart from where he was — Faisal always wanted to join the foreign services and become a diplomat. But that was not to be as a successful film career kept him from following his heart.

A decade in the celluloid world with over thirty films as the main lead under his belt, Faisal took flight. He crossed continents to discover and reconnect with his own self. He landed in Canada and stayed there for a few years. Montreal became his home as it appealed to his aesthetic sense and provided the perfect backdrop for an overdue soul search. In the midst of a string of odd jobs including bartending, he also enrolled himself in a school to learn French. Faisal, already a natural when it came to languages, already spoke four languages fluently: English, Urdu, Punjabi and Dari (Persian).

Upon his return, Faisal felt completely disenchanted with the film world. It had become entirely different from what he had left behind. This, surprisingly, was a good thing as it proved to be yet another turning point in Faisal Rehman’s life — the mini-screen found a much needed hero in him and he, a new canvas in television. With innumerable challenging roles in plays and serials, today Faisal is once again a household name. This time round, he is a willing full-time thespian, known for his professionalism and dedication.

This is indeed a star who has lived many lives in one lifetime…and continues to shine on.